OWA Speaker – The first customizable 3D printed Speaker


Music | Light | Conference Phone

A new customizable speaker
using 3D printing technology.

Shapes, patterns, colours :
You choose, we design.


QUALITY SOUND via Bluetooth

With its 20 watts (2X10 watts) speakers and 4.1 Bluetooth connexion, enjoy 360° great quality sound, everywhere you go with an autonomy of more than 10 hours.


Let the OWA Speaker brighten your mornings, days and nights. Inside and out, appreciate its warm, cosy light, to create the perfect atmosphere.


At the office, connect your computer via USB, to use OWA Speaker as a conference phone. Its 3 integrated microphones provide high quality, 360° voice pickup.

At home, use it as a hands-free kit !

A whole new (3D) world : Design, Durable, DIY


OWA Speaker is printed using Armor 3D’s OWA PS filaments, recycled from yogurts cups and empty cartridges.

Available in 12 colours and a large amount of patterns and shapes, it allows the manufacturing of a customisable speaker created from sustainable materials

The end of the product’s life cycle is thought from the very beginning of its design, since evolving in a circular-economy is one of OWA Speaker’s main pledge.


Create your very own

Design your own dome for a perfect fit in your work or home environment.


Shapes, patterns, colours: you choose, we design. The number of customized possibilities is infinite. All you need to do is choose the perfect match according to your taste.



How does it work?

We could hardly make it easier.


To turn ON your device and connect it via Bluetooth


the dome to raise or lower the volume


the sensitive metal plate to turn ON the light

Keep contact

to adjust the light’s intensity


your phone or computer to communicate hands-free

Move Around

Inside and out, make sure you take your OWA Speaker everywhere with you


Why 3D print it?

Customize your own & responsible speaker

Use sustainable materials: Take part in a new way of manufacturing products using recycled and recyclable raw materials. Our domes, light diffusers and cases are made with PS filaments, recycled from yogurt cups and empty cartridges and recyclable in new filament.

Produce locally: 3D printing allows local manufacturing. With our printers today and maybe yours tomorrow, we reduce the distance between the production site and the final consumer, while easily ensuring the best qualitative product possible. In a near future, you will be able to print new domes with 3D printer owners around you.

Customize your speaker: The external dome, designed by French Designers BOLD, exists in different shapes, colours and patterns. Julien and William draw new designs every month and select only the best to feature in our forever growing collection, for you to choose from.

Change your mind as you wish: No more throwing plastic away. You changed your home interior? You would like a new design to replace the current one? No worries! Recycle your old dome by sending it back to us. And if recycling wasn’t already satisfying enough, benefit from a 15% discount on your new customized dome.

Never get bored, reinvent: You are the kind of person who changes their mind often? Customization is the best solution to a product you have got tired of. If selling or throwing away your old objects were the only viable solutions in the past, we can assure you that our modern designs will follow you through the years. Our forever increasing collection of patterns, shapes and colours will reinvent your speaker each time.

OWA Speaker adapts itself to your style
and your daily life from mornings to nights


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Our vision

We believe in a new world of possibilities and manufacturing.

We believe technology should not only be efficient and innovative but also sustainable and beautifully designed, easy to use and locally produced.

Our daily goal is to discover new ways of incorporating our recycled materials into our everyday life, to build a more sustainable and viable future.

You are looking for modern, elegant and innovative products. You like new technologies, music and care about the environment.

Discover OWA Speaker, the world’s first 3D printed, customizable Bluetooth speaker, made in France, using recycled and recyclable filaments.

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